Sporting activities for children

What are the key ingredients in a child’s good health? Naturally, eating healthy food as part of a balanced diet comes first. Add some daily physical exercise and your child will be even more fit.

Good habits start at an early age

Physical activity is important from the earliest age, even though we wouldn’t expect an infant to do three hours of sport every day! Nevertheless, setting a pace for children gets them used to a certain routine. This habit will become part of their daily life and they’ll love it! Ideally, about 60 minutes of physical activity accumulated over the day is recommended from the age of 5. Before the age of 5, children should be encouraged to play, with infants playing games on the floor, and older children playing games that involve walking and running.

Plenty of benefits for young sport enthusiasts!

At every age, activities that encourage a child’s development over the long term and that involve muscles, bones, and even breathing, are recommended. Along with having a positive impact on the body, physical activity provides psychological benefits, helping children feel better, less anxious and more equipped to handle stress. It also appears that physical activity on a regular basis helps children be in a better mood more often and raises their self-esteem.

All sporting activity is beneficial

Physical activity can consist of an outing to the park or playing outdoors at school and during free time. If children also have the chance to take part in an organized physical activity or sport, this will also help develop their social skills.

Parents need to get involved by encouraging children to do a physical activity. It’s up to you to get your child to play a sport instead of letting them watch television or play video games.

Along with having a positive effect on children’s’ health, physical activity also appears to have a positive impact on their grades at school!

For children in top form and good health – give them a head start! Feed them right and get them moving from a very early age.