Drinking water: a healthy habit for everyone!

How many times have you heard that drinking water is good for your health? Of course, you know that you should drink water instead of soda or too many caffeinated beverages. But like many people, you probably don't drink the recommended daily amount of water as you should. 

Why is water so important?

Our body is about 60% water and the cells throughout our body need water to function. 

Since we are made up of so much water, and we’re constantly sweating it out, it makes sense that we constantly need it to replenish and feed our system.  

But maybe you need more reasons to reach out for water and create a “daily water habit”… 

First of all, water is not only thirst-quenching but it also improves our health, fitness, weight control, mood and even our energy levels. Really? 

Yes, our brain is hugely dependent on fluid to function properly. The brain needs liquid to fire properly, and guess what? Dehydration is one of the most reliable predictors of decline in memory and mental performance. 

Your mind just wanders no matter how hard you try to stay focused? Drink a big glass of water and see what happens. Dehydration interferes with the brain's processing and breaks down the ability to focus!

A drop in hydration can also cause significant loss of strength and motivation while increasing the feeling of fatigue. When we take in the right amount of water for our bodies, our muscles become more relaxed and this increases our energy and maximizes our performance.

Ever feel in a bad mood for no apparent reason? Even dropping 1-2% below the optimal hydration level can start wrecking our mood.

Still not convinced?

Skin can benefit greatly from hydration as well. Our skin, the largest organ in our body, relies on water to produce new cells and give us elasticity and vibrancy!

Not to mention the benefits of water in cutting calories. When we increase our daily water intake, we eat less. Drinking water before and during meals fills us up faster, removing the need for additional calories. In other words, no extra time at the gym is required!

Now, how to create a daily habit?

There are many good reasons for drinking lots of water every day and getting into the “water habit”? But how do you succeed? It's not that hard. Here are some practical tips…

  • Make drinking water part of your daily routine

Do you always start your day with a cup of tea or coffee? Have a bath and brush your teeth? Well why not have a glass of water at the same time!

  • Carry a bottle with you all day!

Invest in a good water bottle so you can take your water with you anywhere, anytime, avoid the expense and environmental impact of bottled water and keep track of your daily water intake.

  • Track it

It often helps, when getting into a new habit, to keep track of it. This increases your awareness and helps you make sure you’re staying on track! Keep a little record, which can be as simple as a tick mark for each glass of water you drink.

  • Use your mobile phone

If you still keep forgetting to drink enough water, use the timer on your phone. Set it to ring throughout the day and drink one glass of water every time it does.

  • Add some flavours!

Well, you can still add a hint of flavour - without adding sugar - by pimping up your water with pieces of fresh fruit (slices of lemon or lime, orange, strawberries, etc.), veggie slices (cucumber, ginger, celery) or fresh herbs (basil, mint or lavender).


Creating new habits takes time but whatever tricks you use to create your “water habit”, you will feel better at every level! 

…still reading this post? Go drink a glass of water!