What's Fitlife?

Doux Fitlife, the natural healthy choice

Doux Fitlife ChickenDoux Fitlife is a French halal chicken naturally fed with flax seeds, that’s why Doux Fitlife Chicken is:

10% less fat(1),
- contains natural Omega 3
- and is guaranteed hormone free.

Thanks to this exceptional chicken feeding, which improves the nutritional quality of our chicken naturally, while preserving its unique cleanness, tenderness and delicious taste, Doux Fitlife allows you to prepare delicious meals and contribute naturally to your healthy lifestyle and balanced diet

 Doux Fitlife Chicken is recommended by the Saudi Society for Food and Nutrition (SSFN), as it contributes to improve the healthy nutrition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia thanks to its natural benefits.

Doux Fitlife is the easy way for your family to go fit and healthy, naturally.

doux fitlife chicken

Where are Omega 3 coming from? Why are they essential ?

omega 3Omega 3 are essential to preserve our own and our family health

Omega 3 are taken from nature and natural food, vegetal, animal and in some seaweeds. We benefit from Omega 3 in certain vegetal oils (rape, flax…), fatty fishes, green vegetables and other products that contain them, as Doux Fitlife chicken.

Omega 3 are essential good and natural fats. Omega 3 is essential in our food intake, because our organism cannot produce them. Omega 3 are necessary for our good health at each age. Nowadays, we did not eat enough Omega 3(3). This lack can have serious consequences on our health. To be in good health, we need to eat 2g of Omega 3 per day.

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What are flax seeds ?

Flax seeds Doux Fitlife ChickenIt’s the one of the oldest grain ever known in the World. The first cultivation would go back from Neolithic era. More than 6000 years ago, the ancient Egypt ate flax seeds for its exceptional nutritive qualities. Today, Flax seeds is known to be a noble beneficial ingredient for health and the best natural source of Omega 3. That’s why Doux Fitlife chicken is fed with flax seeds and contains Omega 3 naturally.  



(1)    Compared to other international brands

(2)    Omega-3 fatty acid recommended intake = 2 g / day

(3)    Evaluation of the nutrional status of people of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, 1995.+ Dietary recommendations, goals and guidelines for health in Saudi Arabia–Mohammad Akmal Khan –2005